Calf Management Video Series

Milk Specialties Global has produced a series of highly regarded videos on calf management practices. The Calf Management Tips Series covers topics such as calf bedding, evaluating dehydration, testing colostrum and serum total protein, IV fluids and injections, disbudding practices and more. A Spanish language version is also available on their YouTube channel.

Links to the video series are provided under the Videos tab. And be sure to visit and subscribe to the Milk Specialties Global YouTube Channel for more of their calf and dairy management video resources.

Here’s a sample…

In Newborn Calf Protocols in the Maternity Pen, Elizabeth shows how to evaluate the vigor of a newborn calf, and discusses steps you can take to stimulate breathing, eliminate fluids from the respiratory tract and how to stimulate overall vigor. In addition to sharing cold weather tips, Elizabeth reviews the importance of properly timing the administration of oral vaccines with colostrum administration, and demonstrates the proper and effective technique for dipping the calf’s navel.


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