About Me

Hi! I’m Rob Costello. Thanks for stopping by.

I developed Calf Sessions as a place for you to come and explore calf health, nutrition, physiology and management topics. You won’t find the same recycled articles that annually make the rounds in many publications. Calf Sessions is written with an eye for things that are new, interesting and a bit different. You can explore the science behind mixing milk replacer, uncover what’s going on in a newborn calf that’s breathing way too fast and determine the amount of electrolytes to feed that scouring calf. You can even download calculators to help adjust milk solids, extend your milk supply or calculate energy for winter feeding.

As for me, I’m an Account Executive for Marketing Concepts and Sales. I’ve been part of our dairy industry for many years and have held complementary positions as product manager, director of marketing, university extension specialist, independent consultant and several years on dairy farms managing calves and heifers. I’ve had the good fortune to see this business from many perspectives.

My interests have recently turned toward movie and video production.  You can find several of these projects under the Videos tab. I hope you like them. I’m fascinated with video and sound equipment, recording and production techniques, as well as animation and movement.

Please feel free to reach out to me — I would love to hear from you.

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