Calf Milk Replacer Guide

The Calf Milk Replacer Guide provides a wealth of information about milk replacer ingredients, product tags, mixing and feeding, formulation & feeding rate, cold weather strategies as well as tips for raising a healthy calf. The Guide is a solid resource for those wanting to improve their knowledge and understanding of milk replacers and is an excellent primer if you are new to milk replacers and feeding calves.

  • Milk Replacer Ingredients discusses the function and characteristics of major proteins, energy sources, vitamins & minerals, medications and other additives.
  • Milk Replacer Tags provide a wealth of information about the product in the bag.
  • Mixing and Feeding Milk Replacer may seem easy, but there are a number of issue that can occur that affect the milk replacer or even the calf. Accurate measuring is key to consistent nutrient intake.
  • Formulation and Feeding Rate are key factors in selecting the right milk replacer. Protein and fat percentages indicate how the milk replacer is to be fed.
  • Cold Weather Feeding Strategies describes adjustments you can make to your calf feeding program to support and protect calves as the temperature drops.
  • Tips for Raising a Healthy Calf provides guidelines and good management practices for key management areas: colostrum, milk replacer feeding, cleaning and sanitizing feeding equipment, water, starter and weaning.


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